As Brian Clark Architect: -work completed or in progress

Commercial/Mixed Use:

Century Village Condos– renovaton of 5 floor, 128,000 sf commercial, office, residential mixed-use project for Front Street,

            Belleville. Completion  January 2018

The Edward Condominiums – 49,000 sf commercial, office, residential mixed-use project for Main Street Picton.,

           Completion  January 2009 [Michael Bake 1-704-296-2110]

Gilbert & Lighthall Block– an extensive renovation and change of use for 10,800 sf at 182 Main St, Picton - 5400 SF with commercial space and 11 up-scale apartments in a heritage building, estimated  construction cost $1.6 million

Stevenson Market Condominiums/Master Feeds Renovation, 172 Main Street, Picton, Ont. (28,000 SF- 7 Retail and 11 Residential condominiums, total value of project $1.9  million construction-$ 3.2 million project value

Reid's Dairy: addition of  16,000 sf, Belleville, Ontario

Terra Edibles - new office, retail, and greenhouses for seed and plant mail order business, Foxboro, Ontario

Bristol Building Project, Picton, Ont. (renovation/restoration of 20,000 sf commercial space for 5 retail stores and 13 apartments)

Wineries, Distilleries, Breweries:

66 Gilead  Distillery  the first in Prince Edward County and one of the first in Ontario - renovations to Century home for tasting, renovation of existing Hop Barn and new distillery building.

The Grange Winery -  new winery with Tasting Room in century barn and addition of processing facility. Approx. 9,400 sf. Opened June 2004

Closson Chase Winery - renovation of  barn into new winery with barrel room, tasting room, and staff  facilities. 

Black Prince Winery - renovation of  barns and residential building into new winery with barrel room, tasting room, and staff facilities and retail space.  Completed April 2002

By Chadsey's Cairns Winery - consultant for new winery in century barn with cafe and tasting rooms in a century brick meeting house.

Oak Heights Winery -  a new winery in a completely renovated 6,400 sf century barn in Warkworth Ontario


Renovations to Lockstation #2 at Trenton and #7 at Glen Ross, Trent-Severn Waterway for Parks Canada, Trenton, Ont.

New Arena & Community Centre for Twp of Asphodel-Norwood - single rink with adjacent Multipurpose Room,  Total 46,784 sf. Completed May 2004

Baltimore Arena - single rink with adjacent Multipurpose Room in conjunction with Taskforce Engineering


New Offices for McDougall Insurance, Belleville - 17,400 sf completed 2016

PEFHT - Picton Medical Clinic Study - Proposed New 13,000 sf  medical clinic for Prince Edward County  incorporating sustainable design strategies

Quinte HealthCare Corporation - Medical Clinic for 5 doctors,  6350 sf  interior renovations

Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic School Board in Napanee - 8,390 sf addition  to existing school board offices

Bank of Nova Scotia, 211 Main Street, Picton, Ont. ($ 375,000 addition in 1994  to existing branch and $220,000  Renovation in 1998)

Retirement Homes/Inns:

Applebasket Lodge, Brighton, Ont. (8 new rooms 3,000 SF addition)

Applebasket Inn/ Ayers Renovation -RR4 Picton, Ontario

Manor on Loyalist Parkway – addition of 16 new rooms in 2007 bedrooms, dining area and daycare facility to existing retirement home approx.  Addition of  an additional 22,000 sf - 29 Suites, Pool and Spa, Fitness, Theatre, Meeting

         Rooms and Pool Cafe, opening Spring 2017  [Anik Javanjee 613-476-0444]


Prince Edward County Libraries - 7000 sf renovations and additions to existing heritage Carnegie Library building         

        Main Street, Picton

                                                            - 2004 addition to Wellington Library

CFB Trenton

                – 1) new Drop Zone facility for Mountainview Airport Base, 3,000 sf training and observation building 

                – 2)  new ice arena complex in conjunction with Taskforce Engineering

        – 3)  addition to swimming pool complex

Ambulance Building, 11 Millennium Drive, Belleville - new 8 bay garage building and admin offices construction


Quinte Ballet School - new dance studios, workshops, and offices in conjunction with Taskforce Engineering. Belleville, Ontario (21,000 sf- in 2001)

Defense Construction Canada -Lecture Training Facility, CFB Meaford, Ont. (6 classroom, office and support facilities - 13,000 SF, $ 1 million)- in conjunction with Mirtren Contractors Ltd.

Prince Edward Child Care Centre, Picton, Ont. 6,450 SF


Assembly- Theatre/Meeting Halls:

West Lake Market/Fields on West Lake – renovation to one of Prince Edward County’s finest barn structures to accommodate theatre & convention facilities, 9,600 sf [Mark Henry – 399-5000]

St. Joseph's Church, Belleville - New Parish Meeting Facility - 4,360 sf addition to existing stone church, Belleville, Ontario ($ 560,000)  in conjunction with Taskforce Engineering, Belleville.

Community/Town Hall, Picton, Ont. (2600 sf renovation)

Milford/South Marysburgh Firehall, Milford, Ont.(1536 SF-$120,000)

The Regent Theatre - as board member and president 1997-2003: stage renovations, new seating, building evaluation study, roof repair, HVAC, new concession and restaurant renovations - on going, with total project value $ 2.5 million.


Hillier Blacksmith Bar and Cider Mill Restaurant Proposal:  new tavern and gourmet restaurant in design phase for 2 heritage buildings located in the Hamlet of Hillier for construction in spring 2007 and 2009. Presently under approval with M.O.E. and Preliminary Design.[on Hold]

Elemental Wellness Spa, Brighton, Ontario - Renovations to large country estate and 15 room hotel addition, approx. 10,000 sf.  $ 1,200,000  Completed May 2003

Ramada Inn Belleville - Indoor pool, water slide and exercise addition  to existing hotel. Angeline's Restaurant/Bloomfield Inn Renovations -Renovations and Addition, Bloomfield, Ontario

Currah's Cafe - 1,284 sf -70 seat restaurant, 252 Main St. Picton, Ontario

Lake-on-the-Mountain Inn -50 seat restaurant addition

Multiple Family Housing:

Stevenson Market Condominiums/Master Feeds Renovation, 172 Main Street, Picton, Ont. (28,000 SF-17 Retail and  11 Residential condominiums, total value of project $1.9 million constr.-$ 3.2 million project value)

Bristol Building Project, Picton, Ont. (renovation/restoration of 20,000 sf commercial  space for 5 retail stores and 13 apartments, $1.2 million)

Trillium Grande Condominiums, 145 Farly Ave., Belleville - renovation to existing apartment building into luxury  condominiums, 7,160 sf [Port of  Picton Homes, Dave Cleave 476-9084]

Custom Homes and Cottages:

Over 30 custom homes and cottages in the Quinte Area including:

Windsigh Residence, West Lake

        Simmonds Residence -  4 Carla Court, Wellington, Ontario

Karp Residence - Renovation to Heritage Home, 17 Davidson Rd, Prince Edward County

Kastner Residence – Extensive renovations to home at 11318 Loyalist Parkway, Prince Edward County

[Dennis & Paule Kastner  471-1824]

Kiteley Residence - Renovations to semi-detached home in Toronto

[Hon. Justice Francis Kiteley (416) 465-8488]

Wood/Seaton Residence, New Residence, Benham Place, Prince Edward County

Hubbs Residence, Collingwood , Ont.

Gysi Residence. RR4 Picton, Cressy lakeside

    Garbe Residence, Lakefield, Ont.

        Moon/Thomas Residence, Picton, Ont.

Noteworthy projects prior to 1986 as partner in the Firm of Colin Bent Architects: >>> LINK

Northern Accommodation:

Polaris Mines Accommodation Facilities, Little Cornwallis Island, NWT - Furthest Northern Settlement in Canada  - 70 miles from North Magnetic Pole (accommodation and general service facilities of 120,000 SF for 240 people)


Rocky Crest Resort, Lake Joseph, Parry Sound (70-1& 2 BR units & restaurant facilities)- Project Architect

Lakeshore Hotel, Etobicoke (2 buildings 102 suites)

Nottawasaga Inn, Nottawasaga, Ont. (master planning &  33 room 3rd floor addition)

Multiple Family:

71 Old Mill Road Condominiums - Toronto

William Punnett Cooperative Housing, Etobicoke (99 units apartment and 29 townhouses)- Project Designer

Cardiff Housing Cooperative, Toronto (8 storey apartment reno./ intensification)