I believe that it is important for me as a painter to convey to the viewer of art the same awestruck wonder and passion I experience when I see a raging storm or a serene calm. A close examination of my work will reveal the fascination I have for meteorology, geology and botany; the repeating patterns and correlations of the forms in nature dependent upon them are all reflected in my imagery.

The irresistible beauty of the natural world inspires me to capture it, to suspend that pristine moment of discovery in the subjects, the colour, the line, and in all aspects of the effects of light. I am most comfortable in achieving this with the medium oil. I am lured by its durability, by its fluidity, and by the purity and intensity of colours that have the capacity to sing vibrantly or, contrarily, to speak in soft, muted tones. Perhaps just as important is the flexibility of oil; it enables me to explore the various textures of the four elements.

In a word, my work is straightforward and sincere. I am challenged by my attempts to visualize a different way of working and then seeing the images evolve on canvas. It is a reflection of the spiritual connection, the joy, and the enthusiasm that is my experience with the environment. I live and breathe the land, the lake, and the sky, and the exhilaration I feel in this inhalation is expressed in my first language ... paint.

MEDIA   Oil on Canvas, Oil on Archival Paper

SUBJECTS   Landscape, Florals

All paintings are framed