Elizabeth Jackson Hall is an alumna of the Ontario College of Art. graduating with honours from the Fine art

Studio program in 1996. In 1998, she received her B.A. from the University of Toronto as a Fine Art Specialist

and Drama Major. Since graduation, she has been a full time professional artist, presenting her paintings at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, local studio tOUTS and the Mad Dog gallery in Prince Edward County.

Commissioned portraits (private and corporate), landscapes, and still life have left some room for figurative

works that tell a story. Since 2004, however, she has worked in the area of church restoration, most notably with Carlos Nunes of Fine Painting and Design. Her most recent commission was a large icon for the Church of St. Mary's, Brampton. Currently, she continues painting personal figurative work and landscape scenes while caring for her  3 young children



“ I describe my painting as Romantic Realism: Realism because it is very much based on direct observation, and Romantic, because its intention is to create an emotional resonance. For me,every painting starts with an emotional rush. The reason to make that painting is to somehow communicate the sensation to another person. To achieve this may be by an application of colour, composition, gesture, texture, etc; but whatever the means, what is most important is that these feel real - not that they are photographic - but that they are based on careful, honest observation. God is in the details. This is as true of a still life as it is of the subtle communication between people. A painting may have the most fantastical subject matter, be it about God or extra terrestrial, but the challenge is to make it feel plausible, and this, I believe, is accomplished through the details.”

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