Brown & Sage



Rosemary Brown

After a health-related hiatus in painting, a 2018 trip by ship along the north shore of the St. Lawrence rekindled the spark. The Bella Desgagnes sailed from Rimouski to Blanc-Sablon and back. This was a great adventure.  Paintings inspired by this trip restored my love of still life and fascination with colour.

Celia Sage

Peter and I were invited to celebrate the launch of our friend Sarah Selecky’s novel Radiant Shimmering Light, and the invitation included the intriguing request that guests wear white, (the better to enjoy the disco ball during the dance party!).  The evening was all about words, to be sure, but it was the visuals that captivated me: the warm wood of the renovated barn; the late sunlight, gradually replaced by warm incandescence; the sparkling stemware; the white-clad guests; and the view from the second floor mezzanine which afforded a sort of omniscient narrator’s view of the proceedings.