Celia Sage                                  - 2020 show


location Mad Dog Gallery

MEDIA         oil on canvas, 5x7” sketches unframed - oil on watercolour paper

subjects landscape, figurative, floras, social distancing


location Mad Dog Gallery

MEDIA         oil on canvas, unframed

subjects landscape, figurative, floras


The Quiet Days 2020 is my visual diary of pandemic “lockdown” in the County, posted daily on social media during this period as a series of small oil sketches on paper.

I began the series as a way to settle myself, but also because, having no medical or sewing skills, I wanted to offer something to the community I love, if only a smile of recognition at our shared predicament.  

Celia Sage

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Quiet Days Sketches:  oil on watercolour paper, unframed - each $100.